We really love golf.

It all started one day, we were out hitting the sticks. Springsteen pulsating from the golf bag. Christoph zinged a line drive into the trees, James hit his signature SIM slice into the lake, Jordan zapped a high draw into another fairway, and Phillip - well, #nothin’ButNukes.

We all gave each other that look - you know, the one where you empty your golf bag and spray marketing material all over the course - and said:

"Why aren’t we losing our own golf balls? Why are we losing balls of old, stuffy, expensive brands who don’t speak to us as the next generation of everyday golfers? We’re also digital natives who are consuming things in new, innovative ways.”

Enter the ODIN experience.

What the old, stuffy brands did for professional golfers, we’re building the golf brand for the everyday golfer - no matter the background, experience or handicap. And because we’re all-inclusive, we want our community to personally benefit and partake in the value we create as a company (beyond just reloading on ODIN balls).

Consumers are inundated with all sorts of products and have a bevy of choices - and not just golf products. In the future, it will no longer be enough to have a killer product experience, we as consumers will have a higher bar for the sort of value we extract from our everyday brands. This is where digital consumption is headed.

This is one of our core tenants at ODIN, and the future we’re building for everyday golfers. We want to give back to you personally. We’re not excited about the pros, we’re excited about you. This was never just another golf ball company for us, this is a platform for the everyday golfer.

A community of thousands of dart enthusiasts have come together to help us build the future of golf. And, we all do it by following the formula:

Go Balls Out. Always!